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14 Aug '16

Spanish Baby Clothes get a Royal Thumbs up from Princess Kate!

Posted by Georgia Rattle

She has long influenced the wardrobes of her Female Adult fans but now, Princess Kate's Little ones are setting their own standard with their Classic Spanish/European Fashion.  

Remember the gorgeous little Red Romper that George wore for sister Charlotte's Christening or the Gorgeous Blue Set he wore on the balcony for Great Granny's 90th Birthday, timeless outfits that never fail to stay in style. 


Baby sister Charlotte continues the Spanish trend with her gorgeous Classic Smock Dresses.  

It seems the Classic Spanish look has been passed down through generations of Royal Children.  Princess Kate's choice of spanish style baby clothing for her little ones may be a continuing legacy passed down by George and Charlotte's late Grandmother, Princess Diana.  

Diana was known for her amazing sense of style and will be remembered for setting fashion standards across the world.  It seems her love of classic Spanish baby clothes for her Boys has influenced her daughter-in-law's choice of dress for babies, with several of George's outfits more than resembling those of his father William's childhood looks.  


Spanish baby clothing is a growing trend not only in the UK but with huge demand from the US, all looking for what they see as a European traditional style that they love.   This clothing phenomenon is only getting bigger with parents now looking for timeless quality rather than throw away fashion looks.  


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