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08 Apr '16

How to Create the Perfect Smash Cake!

Posted by Georgia Rattle

Ok, so we are a Traditional Spanish Baby Clothing Boutique but sometimes you need to break from your comfort zone and go with the NEW! 1st Birthday Cake Smash Shoots are the new way to celebrate your Little Baby's 1st Year in the world! 

If you've not yet heard of this new phenomenon, this is a photoshoot in which your little baby is given a "Smash Cake" to play with while you catch the moment on camera! 

So all you need to create this special moment is a great setting, a gorgeous little outfit and an amazing Smash Cake! As you know, we are a dab-hand at providing Amazing and Unique Traditional Spanish Baby Clothes for your little ones but, what about the cake?

Here is a fab video which gives you all you need to create your very own Smash Cake for the big Occasion!