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16 Jan '16

The Doodles Baby Shower Guide!

Posted by Georgia Rattle

The Classic Baby Boutique's Guide to the Perfect Baby Shower!


Baby Showers are a relatively recent idea in the UK, however, in the US Baby Showers have been around since the 2nd World War.   

Traditionally, Baby Showers were held to gather friends and family and celebrate new life.  As times have moved on, the way in which Showers are celebrated has changed with anything from a simple gathering at home to lavish baby Showers requiring party planners and A-list budgets. 

Whatever type of Shower you choose, here are some simple steps that will help:-

1.  Who organises the Shower? The rules surrounding this have loosened somewhat but traditionally, Showers were organised by friends not family to avoid looking like family were using the opportunity to acquire gifts.  However, today, it is very common for family members to arrange Showers so anyone from friends, family or colleagues can organise the special day.  

2.  When should the Shower be?  Usually Showers take place in the last couple of Months of Pregnancy however it's best to check with the mum-to-be first.  It is also fine to have Showers after the birth of the baby but not so common. 

3.  Who to Invite? The parents should provide you with a guest list for the Shower.  Invites  should be sent 3 weeks in advance to give people plenty of time to RSVP.  You can use modern methods e.g. social media, text, email however a written invite is more traditional and much nicer.  These events are traditionally women only however times have changed and Showers can be held with male guest. 

4.  Does a Shower Need to be Themed?  Although not essential, themed Showers are extremely common.  Themes help to create an atmosphere at a Shower but if you don't want to theme the event, balloons and decorations are fine.  

5.  What makes a great Baby Shower Gift?  It really is entirely up to the guest what kind of guest they choose to give.  Some guests opt for a gift for the baby including baby blankets, baby equipment, toys, personalised keepsakes to name but a few.  Alternatively, gifts for the expectant mum are also an option, treats or experiences like pamper days and Spa treatments.  Another popular gift idea is to give as a group so all the guests club together to buy one big gift for the expectant mum.  

6.  Should non-attending Guests still Give Gifts?  Non-attendees are not obliged to send a gift it is entirely at their discretion.  More importantly any invitee cannot make it must remember to let the host know.

7.  Should Guests Receive Thank you Cards? Yes, cards should be sent out 2-3 week after the shower.

8.  What kind of Food and Drink should be Served?  Just because the expectant mum can't have a drink, does not mean the guest can't and for that reason alcohol at a Shower is fine.  Champagne /Prosecco is a great welcome drink to any shower.  Depending on what kind of Shower you have will greatly depend on the food that is served.  Traditionally, showers were held at home and finger food/buffets were common place.  Today, showers are held in all sorts of venues.  The rule of thumb would be light, canapé style food, nothing too heavy.  A popular theme for showers is an English Tea theme where finger sandwiches and cakes are served which is interestingly how women celebrated an expectant woman's pregnancy in the Victorian times.  

9.  Does a Mummy get a Shower for every Baby?  Traditionally, Baby Showers were only held for the birth of the first child, however in modern times it has become common for mums to have a shower for each baby she has, and why not!  

10.  What happens at the Shower?  The main event at any Shower is the gift giving, the mother to be receives her gifts and opens them in front of her guests.  Game playing is also a big part of a shower. Watch out for my next blog on great shower game ideas coming soon!  

Traditions move with the times and rules are sometimes made to be broken.  If you are Hosting a Shower, remember it is a fun celebration and therefore, the main aim for you is to ensure that everyone has fun and remembers that special day!   

Good Luck! 

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